Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Man I'm sore!

My workouts have been rather spotty the last couple of weeks; I've had finals and end-of-quarter assignments to deal with. But it paid off grade-wise: B, B+, B+!! Yay!!! I was afraid the B was going to be a B-. I've been slowly and painfully working to bring my gpa up after a bad 1st quarter (C, B-, B-). I almost have a 3.0 now (2.92)--so close! This next quarter I have 2 graded classes plus research hours, and a class I'm auditing since I'm weak in math/stats these days.

So then why am I sore? Yesterday I pulled up ExerciseTV On Demand and did about an hour of workouts. The one that killed my legs had squat-thrust/burpies (jumps at the end) and lots of rope jumping (but without the rope). My calves are very tight now. The other workout (besides the 10 min arms workout) was nearly 30 minutes of yoga. I haven't done that in a looonnnggg time, and I think that's why my quads are a little sore.

At the beginning of the yoga workout was an ad for a 10 Pound Slimdown. Since I have 10 pounds to lose, I went online and downloaded the workout schedule. I'll get the workouts from On Demand (rather than pay to download them) and do them in addition to my tri training workouts. Now I just need to work on my diet. Today I did a SD (slimdown) upper body workout and then went for a short run. Yesterday I wore my old Asics, and my feet kind of hurt. Today I wore my new ones (with thin socks) and they felt fine.

Speaking of tri-ing, the Tri for the Cure, along with all of Fat Rabbit Racing's events this season, was canceled. So I used the refund to register for a Girls Tri Too event in the area. It's on July 10th, so I have a little more time to prepare. It's also a little shorter. It's the tri I mentioned last month that only had 9 people registered. Now it has 40+. I was the 3rd in my age group to register in the age group category (vs athena or mtn bike. My bike is a mtn bike, but I have street tires on it, so I can't compete in that division).

OK, so tomorrow I have lower body and core for 10lb SD + swimming or something with M & S. My first week of break is almost over, and I still am not accomplishing anywhere near the things I wanted to. I really need to go to bed before 1am! Bad habit I got into over the last couple of weeks.

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