Monday, May 31, 2010

W2R, same ol' same ol' only it felt harder

Wow, my lower legs were really burning today! Calves, shins, especially the right side. Result of single calf raises? I don’t know. I was more fueled today, so that helped, and better rested. W10, R1-W1 x6, W11. 2.2mi. Note: last time I wore my new Asics; today I wore my old ones.
I went ahead and walked a 6th lap, going over 30min instead of under. By the end my legs finally felt better, but I could tell, if I ran again, I’d feel “the burn” again. I definitely need to improve my nutrition, good thing all the brownies are gone! ;~)

My maternity clothes, the ones that I kept, are getting tight. Nope, not pregnant. I just REALLY need to start going to Crossfit again. And eat less fatty stuff. I also need to do more tri-related workouts. I didn't swim at all last week, and I have yet to get my bike out of the garage or even use a stationary bike at the gym. That hill is going to kill. I've been rethinking that July tri; I've been so tired, stressed out, and busy that I'm not sure I want that on my plate right now.  Maybe I'll feel differently after a break.

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