Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally ran again

Hope you had some time this Veteran's Day to stop and contemplate and appreciate military members and veterans. My kids' school put on a Veteran's Day program and parade with a little help from the local AFROTC color guard and the HS marching band.

After taking my daughter to school this morning I passed out on the couch for a couple of hours until time to get ready to go the Veteran's Day program. Afterward, my daughter and I checked out the school book fair for a while in order to let DH get a nap too. (He'd lain down around the same time the parade ended.)

Finally, as the boys were cleaning up the kitchen & DH was cooking dinner, I went for a run. First run since my fitness test since my shin has been hurting again. I did a long (slow) walking warm-up, almost 15 [12] minutes for only 1/2 a mile. Then I started running and took lots of walk breaks. I actually wore my HRM for this workout; my target zone was 150-170, so once my HR hit 170 (or higher if I didn't notice right away, no alarm on), I walked until it got back down to around 150. Total distance was 2.87mi per mapmyrun. I don't know the time really, >40min I think. [45min total, 33min run/walk.] I've already saved the workout in my watch. I kept accidently hitting the start button. In the house I did some sit-ups and then some twists holding my KB--kind of like passing a medicine ball around only it was just me. Used the ultrasound/bone stimulator since my shin hurt some during the run. Actually, I've been trying to use it after every run lately since I don't use it daily anymore.

I was going to run/walk longer but 1) my left knee's been hurting too the last few days, a hard to localize achiness under the kneecap and in back; and 2) my right knee started hurting along the outside at the end of the run there, something felt tight or something.

...and I just found all the WYSIWYG editor icons. For whatever reason, posting had defaulted to "Edit HTML" instead of "Compose" but I was reading the tabs/colors backwards. OK. good enough. Good night.

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