Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not dead, just slackin'

I have done a few workouts since my fitness test. I just haven't been wearing my HRM, so I haven't had anything to upload, so I haven't been over here much either.

Yesterday I did swing sets 15sec on, 15 sec rest: R,L,R,L,both,R,L,both and maybe another RLboth. about 9 swings per set. Then I did 23(R) & 25(L) snatches. On the R side, I had to stop once mid-swing to let a 2yo go past and stop again at the top for even longer. Last night when I got home, my SS was out running and had left the pull-up bar in the garage doorway, so I did some (assisted) pull-ups too.

This morning I just did 10 presses/jerks each side with the KB followed by 20 twists holding it. So see, I'm not totally slacking. Plus I walk my daughter to school every morning. (Nice to see you again Mr. Sunshine.)

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