Monday, July 11, 2011

Behind on running

Saturday I was hoping to run, but we were busy moving instead, just a mile away, but, you know, you gotta get all the big heavy items moved over in as short a time as possible so you can return the U-Haul trailer and maybe not get charged for the 2nd day. :~) So I did exercise even if I didn't run.

I need to find a new bike route to work. I'm a lot closer, but I'm now UP the busy road instead of across it. Yuck; I hate riding in traffic. I need to start Couch-to-5K week 2 and do a kettlebell workout. (I shouldn't really say "kettlebells" since I still only have 1. I can't decide whether to get another like the one I have or save up and get a better one.)

My shin has been hurting more lately, so I used the ultrasound on it yesterday. I should probably use it daily again.  Also, it has finally started raining! YAY! In fact, today I got rained (sprinkled) on both this morning and this afternoon.

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