Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saturday I did W1D3. This week I started week 1 over again. I've been tired, sleeping well into the mornings.
This morning I took my watch off before looking at it so I could take my time waking up without feeling pressured b/c of the time. When I finally did look at my watch (after brushing my teeth) it was an hour later than I expected! I slept from ~11:30 last night till 9 this morning! The poor dog next door hadn't been out since 8:30 last night! Apparently he was fine though as he didn't meet me at the door by the time I got over there.

Monday I did W1D1 again and Wed was W1D2. I also took the dog for a walk yesterday and today. 1 problem with sleeping so late is that it's hot by the time I get out. I also need to improve my nutrition, but I feel rather at loose ends in that regard--trying to figure out what to eat, meal planning, etc.

Tomorrow we start moving to a new house. The only thing packed is the kids' clothes and that barely. I thought we still had at least 1 box full of packing paper, but apparently it got dumped, so we'll have to wait until we unpack some of the boxes currently still packed and in the garage. Also my shin has been hurting again.

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