Friday, July 1, 2011

Couch to 5K W1 D2

Did this last night & took the neighbors' dog with me. He hasn't been getting out much. I did slower running this time, easier and then faster on the last run. 1.88mi again (finished up the distance in the cool down). That dog sure was glad to get home! He went straight for his front door!. :~) 

It was cooler than average yesterday evening; it was mostly cloudy and had rained some in town (scattered showers). Then I stayed up till midnight. yay. Slept till ~8:30/9 this morning. (Yay! rested in the morning!)

This morning I took the dog out for a walk. It's hot again already, and all the clouds are gone. We walked ~1mi taking ~20min. (There were a couple of sniffing stops.) It felt like we were walking faster, but I also forgot to stop my watch once we got back to the house.) Later today I plan to do that "10 min" kettlebell workout. I haven't done it all week, maybe just Monday. Oh and the Active Warm-up from Runner's World.

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