Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running again--maybe

I finally ran last week--once. Went back to W1D1 (or D3 as the case may be) of C25K. I was feeling rather winded by the end of each of the last few running minutes. That was Thursday. I was supposed to run again yesterday, but I slept later than I'd hoped, too. And of couse it took me an hour or more to get ready to get ready for the day. Ran some errands, including grocery shopping, took the kids to the pool, finally did laundry. DS#1 and DD had sleepovers last night: DD at "their" house and their son at our house. The boys watched Battlefield: Los Angeles from 8:30 to after 10, and so I watched most of it too, not packing until afterward. Didn't get to be till after midnight. Waking up this morning before 5 was not fun (or easy). Couldn't even eat a sausage biscuit for breakfast (didn't even try), just a cup of cereal. Just now starting to get hungry. Got some fruit and snacks with me.

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