Monday, August 22, 2011

need more running

Friday C25K W3D3, 2.2mi, 34:09. I have heart rate data for this one.

This evening: walk 10min/1/2 mile; run 90, walk 90; x2; run 3:00 walk 3:00 x2, run 60, walk 60, run 30, walk. 32:21 total; HRmax ~190, 2.2mi total

The two shorter runs at the end were at faster pace, the pace I hope to be able to end up running. I really need to up my endurance so I can do my fitness test next month. I still haven't run more than 3 min continually. The logged workouts include warm-up and sometimes cool-down--whatever's left to complete the last lap.

I've been forgetting to do push-ups and sit-ups, gotta do those too.

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