Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And on the 8th day...

(since my last run) I finally ran again. I did a half mile walk to warm up and was feeling pretty tired. (Stayed up past midnight last night reading a book.) As I was approaching the end of the lap I was tying to figure out how far I would be able to run at any given time the 2nd time around. I got it nearly figured out but ended up running the whole lap. Actually I did do a little running last week: I got outside of work & realized I'd forgotten my bicycle helmet. I ran nearly all the way to my desk and back (I had to beat the kids home from school), and my left calf felt really tight.

My back tire has been low, and I finally tried to pump it up on Saturday. I think I broke the valve. It won't stay inflated now. Walking to work tomorrow (I drove yesterday and today, in the interest of time).

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