Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back on the bike

DH fixed my bike's flat tire last Tuesday, so I was able to ride to work again. No matter how much I told myself I'd walk to work while my bike was out of commission, it only happened twice. Either I was running too late to walk, or I had to be sure to be home on time, so I drove most days.  Also I haven't been eating as well (healthy) this past week.

Wednesday morning when I rode to work it was quite chilly. My fingers hurt from the cold, & my ears felt it too. Thursday was more humid and warmer (or at least felt warmer). Friday was like Wed again, but I was more prepared: I pulled my jacket sleeves as far down as I could before I got on my bike, which helped my fingers not freeze.

Also on Thursday I went running. I dressed a bit on the warm side, changing clothes in my chilly closet, only to discover that it was warmer outside than in my closet! After warming up I ran 1.65mi, increasing my distance by .55mi. I did a little of the run/walk until I slowed down enough to just run. On that last (3rd) lap my arches and ankles were feeling a bit strained. I was wearing my new shoes, and my feet weren't used to going that far on so little arch support. The new shoes do feel more comfortable to my feet than my old ones now though. When I put on the old ones they feel weird around the ankles, particularly on the outsides.

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts the last couple of weeks. I think it's related to the decrease in exercise, especially since I wasn't riding my bike most days. I had a class to run last week, so I didn't get my usual exercise in, plus the flat tire. My husband and I often take a walk in the evening, but it's usually just 1 0.55mi lap. And he's not been feeling well, so he's had to ask me to slow down. (!) Used to be I had trouble keeping up with him.

My dad and brother came to visit last week. They arrived later Wed after I was asleep and left Friday morning after I'd gone to work. If I'd known when I went running on Thurs that they were leaving so soon, I'd have postponed the run, or at least run less. Dad did agree to stop back by on their way home from visiting the rest of the sibs, if only for a night.

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