Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missing Runner's World

For some reason I didn't receive my Nov issue of RW. :( I went online and got my subscription extended--it would take 6-8 weeks to get a replacement copy, so I just decided to read it online. Why don't I just read them all online? because I'm a paper girl at heart. I like the feel, smell, and experience of reading off paper better. I did find some useful info on training about "ditching rules"/conventional "wisdom" like static stretching before running, etc.

Speaking of running, I ran again on Thursday (new shoes) 1.1mi, 12:46min plus a .55mi warm-up walk. Total time 21:57.  I had to cut it a little short due to equipment issues, things weren't staying in place. I started out too fast with the first lap & ended up with a headache on Friday. There was a little bit of shin muscle soreness the next day, the kind that feels good. I also did 100 KB cleans (50L, 50R); my forearms were a little sore too on Friday.

Man, my sinuses! How long is the grass going to be polinating??? Trees around my neighborhood just started turning yellow. There are sticker plants in my backyard that still need uprooting, or rather the grass needs them to be uprooted. I'd like to have just one solid patch of grass that the kids can walk in barefooted.

This week I'm in charge of a class at work. I don't know when I'll run. I can do KB while watching kids. Plus my dad and brother are coming out at the end of the week for a couple of days.

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