Friday, May 15, 2009

Soo sleepy....

I am. I am very sleepy. Been going to bed too late all week. I'd go to bed now, but one of my kids is still awake. (She's supposed to be in bed but is sneaking around upstairs.)

So I was supposed to workout last Thursday. Didn't happen. It was a very busy day: work, parenting class, church. I went straight from one thing to another and didn't really get home till after 9pm. Friday wasn't much better: conference in the morning, work offsite in the afternoon. The most exercise I got was chasing kids around a miniature golf course and pushing the baby in the stroller. Saturday I did get in a brisk walk; I took the dog for a walk, about 1/2 hour I think.

Monday I went swimming again, the last time in the indoor pool. The indoor pool closed today, and the outdoor pool opens next weekend. Brrr!!! That will be COLD! I swam 4x150 again plus some backstroke, sidestroke and kicks. I decided not to do pulls after all. I did get a pretty good night's sleep Sunday night, so I felt good during Monday's swim.

Tuesday was an almost 6K (3.55mi). I hadn't gotten a good night's sleep and was pretty tired. I decided to try the race taking walk breaks every 4 minutes. Good thing or I probably wouldn't have finished. ! My time was ~45 1/2 minutes

Wednesday I did a weight workout: pull-ups and dips (on a machine 'cause otherwise I'd not be able to do any; I was only pulling up about 15 lbs), curl/presses, bench presses, lunges, and a swing the weight up over your head thing--1 dumbell, 2 hands, like a big kettlebell swing.

Yesterday was a rest day, a sore-legs day. Today I did a long run: 3.76 miles. I was supposed to meet up with a group to do sprints after running a hill, but I couldn't find them, so I just kept running around (with a little walking). I couldn't run all the way up the 2nd hill! Time was 54 minutes. The nice thing was that I couldn't feel the soreness in my quads and hamstrings while I was running, and my shins and calves were feeling pretty good too. We'll see how I feel tomorrow! I'm really liking my Asics lately.

My appetite is finally starting to change with all this fitness. I have less appetite for sweets and junky stuff (like DiGiorno pizza). If I do eat sweets, I want the good kind: homemade, or a good brand of ice cream like Bryers, not cheap stuff. I need to find good stuff to take for lunch at work. The cafeteria is heavy on the salt. the breadfast tacos are good though, one on of these days I'll get an omlette. Mary makes a good one, I can tell by the smell! :P

I really need to get my bike out and get it tuned up. Or at least air up the tires! 12 miles! Better start practicing for that 12mile ride.

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