Saturday, May 23, 2009

(start of) Memorial Day Weekend

So let's see, I posted Monday the 18th. Today is the 27th. On Wed the 20th, I did a slow 20min run--no idea on the distance, I didn't keep track. On Thursday the 21st I did a 3mi race in 34:50. I think I was the last runner. 8~| :P This past Monday I did some walking/jogging, about 2 miles with the first 1/3mi on a scooter with my daughter riding her bike.

Today I plugged in the PS2 again and did Yourself!Fitness. I did the assessment, or 1/2 of it. The baby got a hold of the controller and clicked me through it. Then I did a 30min workout with an upper body focus. Afterward my daughter and I went for a walk/bike ride again. (I walked, she rode.)

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