Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So what have I done for me lately...

Last week I completed my 30 miles in 30 days challenge! Yay! After my dr appt tomorrow I"ll see about setting up another one with a few more miles.

Saturday was my daughter's birthday party, and I'd stayed up late the night before doing homework. So I slept late and decided not to go walking with K. When I called her, she said she couldn't go either. The party was at a bowling alley, and it was a good time despite my score of 81. ;~) The kids had fun bowling. My sone and his friend were doing some kind of thing where they ended up on the floor after releasing the ball. Crazy boys. I did get some fast walking in: We thought we needed candles for the cake, so I walked to a nearby store to get some. Turns out the bowling alley provided candles. (It was a party through them, and they were providing the cake.)

So yesterday evening I made it to the gym. I did 20 minutes on the  elliptical (Precor --my fave), 9 or 10 laps on the track (I lost count; 9 is a mile), jogging the straights, walking the turns, trying to keep my shins from hurting more. I iced after I got home, my left foot too as it's been bothering me. This morning my left shin hurts anyway. I see the doctor tomorrow morning for my bone scan follow up. Hopefully he actually has the results! After running I did 20 situps, 10 supermans alternating sides (well, it was left arm, right leg and vice versa) 10 times, bridge at least 5 counts of 10.  At home I adde weights - 5lb: 30 bicep curls, 20 tri extensions, 30 butterfly, 20 finger curls--just letting the weights hang in my hands and closing and opeing my fingers, 25-30 reverse crunches (bringing knees up).

I had so much junk food over the weekend: brownies, cookies, birthday cake, chocolate creme pie (thanks honey!)  I need to make sure to keep weights and core exercises in my routine. Maybe actually having a routine/plan would help. Ya think? I think.

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