Thursday, October 8, 2009

As Ron Stoppable says... BOO YEAH!

I was SO TIRED this morning when I got up that I almost rescheduled the fitness test. The baby (well, toddler) kept waking himself up last night by coughing. Poor kid's getting what his sister just got over. Fortunately I had plenty of time to eat breakfast and wake up before the test.

I eked out 28 pushups (30 was max) and squeezed out 40 situps (those shouldn't have been so hard, but I haven't been consistent on my ab work).  Then it was run time. That was the part that was worrying me BUT I knocked it out in 16:06!  That's 29 seconds faster than in Feb! Woohoo! :-D I was breathing hard all the way through it, but otherwise the pace felt comfortable. I scored 83.5 points, continuing my upward trend. Fortunately for me, BMI trumps the waist measurement. 8-| I'm working on that though; oh wait, I just said I haven't been, well at least not the muscle tone part. Gotta add that ab work back into my routine!

So far no new/additional pain from the run. I went to the the Dr last week to get cleared for the test today and mentioned the recurring shin pain, and he didn't like the sound of it. So I have an appointment next week for a bone scan. Should be an interesting expeience.

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