Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've been doing quite poorly in the sleep department lately. I've been up past midnight 3 of the last 4 nights (past 2am for 2 of them!) getting less than 7 hrs sleep on average, and it tends to be disturbed at least once before I get up for the day. I only worked out 2x last week and not yet this week. I'm so tired, plus I have a test to study for. The test is tomorrow, so I plan to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight and for sure tomorrow night. Note: "plan" is loosely defined in my dictionary. :) The kicker is that most of my lack of sleep is all my own fault, so there's definitely no one and nothing else to blame--actually, that makes it harder to whine which actually would use more energy. :P

I haven't had shin pain in a while, yay. The ball of my foot tends to ache though, and sporadically, the outside of it below the ankle. Monday is my next orthopedist appt--I need to find out if I'm supposed to get x-rays before the appt or at it, but I keep forgetting to call the clinic.

I'm SO SLEEPY!!  Gotta study.

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