Thursday, November 19, 2009

Power Walk

By 4 this afternoon, the day felt like a long Friday, you know, the ones that don't end? Plus it was overcast and quite chilly and, yes, I stayed up too late again last night, so I was tired. But after my workout this afternoon I was glad I hadn't already done it this morning. In my current sleep-deprived condition I think it would've knocked me out by this afternoon.

So I went to the gym this afternoon and started with some curls, shoulder presses, butterflies, sit-ups, etc. I didn't really pay attention to how long that took, maybe 15min?

After my core/arms workout I did a fast 2 miles--the 1st mile was in 13:20!!!! and my 2nd mile was in 14:32! I used the lap feature on my watch to count the laps for the 1st mile. The 2nd mile I timed as a whole. I can't go back and look at each lap's time with this watch. Wish I could find my old one so I could replace the battery. Anyway, my average time was 13:54/mi! I slowed down some at the beginning of my 2nd mile b/c my shins weren't used to that much walking that fast. Good thing I won't have to do a 3 mile walk fitness test! I don't think my legs are ready for that. :)

I called the orthopedic clinic today to see when I'm supposed to get x-rays done again. They said Monday, which is when my appointment is, but I know it takes at least a couple of days for the x-ray results to get to the drs. If I go to bed right now, I might be able to get up early enough to get the x-rays tomorrow morning before class, though they likely won't be ready by Monday's appt.

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