Friday, September 23, 2011

C25K improvise

I walked 1.5 laps (~.8mi, ~14min) for a warm-up. I was going to run 2 laps, walk some, then run some more, but once I finished the first lap I decided to go for 3 laps (1.65mi) continuously running & JUST made it! Yay! I was getting a heckuva stitch in my side at the end there. 11:05min/mi pace which makes for a ~16:37min 1.5mi which will let me pass the run portion of the fitness test. I'd still like to do it in under 16:30. At least I've finally run 1.5 since moving here. Oh, & I wore my old shoes today. I'd been wearing only my new shoes since I'd bought them, but I was noticing a new tender spot on my left shin lately, so I figured I'd try my old shoes again.

(1 lap = 0.55mi)

Last night I did 5 min long cycle with the kettlebell, 1 switch, somewhere between 25 & 30ish per hand, so 50-60 reps total. Then I did push-ups (2x10) and sit-ups (30). Still have work to do for Monday.

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