Sunday, September 18, 2011

C25K W5D1 repeat

Last Friday I did a repeat of the couch-to-5K week 5 day 1 workout. It was still rough. I've had a hard time getting a good night's sleep lately. Thursday I jsut kept waking up, then about an hour b4 I needed to get up my nose started running, so I couldn't sleep for that. Friday night and last night I was sandwiched between my two younger kids. I think I may finally have found the motivation for keeping my nearly 7yo daughter in her own bed all night: pierced ears. She's been begging to get her ears pierced. Apparently she's the only 1st grader in school w/o pierced ears. I had been telling her that she had to wait till she was 10, then just that she had to show enough responsibility by brushing her hair and teeth every day. (It's amazing how hard it is to get kids to brush their teeth once they're older than 5.) This evening it hit me: she has to stay in her own bed all night for at least a month to get her ears pierced AND keep staying in her bed or she loses the earrings (& likely the holes they go in). We need to put up a calendar, and I'm leaning toward making her start over after each night she comes to our bed. We've done this before, and once she got what she wanted after 30 non-consecutive nights of sleeping in her own bed all night, she reverted back to coming into our bed. The 3yo, being smaller, is easier to deal with, but he'll sleep on his own better than the 6yo will.

I've been working on push-ups and sit-ups too. I just wish I could progress faster with the running. I just can't seem to reach the endurance--half a mile? Tomorrow I'll do W5D2 which has 3/4 mi stints. I'd better get to bed for that. Oh and I got new running shoes a couple of weeks ago: Asics Blur33s. They have a lower heel so I'm able to get more of a midfoot strike than I could with the 1140s. And my 10yo's doing much better in football practice, plus the weather got a lot cooler for a week. He has a scrimmage this Saturday then the games start. I stayed for a little over an hour of yesterday's practice, & they had 2 water breaks in that time. It still kills me to see the 5yos crying as they run though. It's very physically demanding.

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