Monday, September 26, 2011

UPDATED: Fitness Test

Push-ups: goal was 26-30, actual: 28
Sit-ups/crunches (they're actually somewhere in-between, like when you cross a mule with a horse and get a donkey, hmm): goal 40-45, actual: 42
1.5mi run: goal when I got up this morning was 16:30 (yes I'm slow), then I saw that there was a 3.7pt difference from 16:22min to 16:23min, so my new goal was 16:20 (just to be on the safe side :p ).
Actual time 16:12 which is in the same point spread as 16:22.

I haven't done the math yet, but the score will be around the same as my last fitness test.
Oh, and I actually wasn't the last runner to finish! I passed a girl on the first lap. When I finished my run I went back and ran her in. She'd picked up the pace by then and finished strong--if I hadn't walked back to meet her I don't know if I could've run that fast. ;)

I took a swing of xtra strength 5 hr Energy this morning, on an empty stomach. I had some toast & milk as soon as I could after, but man! was I anxious this morning. I haven't had any 5 hr energy since early spring.  OK, gotta shower and get to work.

My last fitness test: sit-ups--42, push-ups--21, run 16:11
And I decided to wear my old shoes; I realized Friday I'm still used to that stride, so there was less stressing about that as I was running.

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