Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost done!

Friday, instead of running, I took another day of rest. Saturday I did a 16min warm-up on a Precor crossramp; this time I could tell the difference between it and the elliptical machine--the foot pad pivots slightly and seems to give the front of the leg a bit more workout.

Anyway, after the warm-up, I did the next w3r workout: walk 5min, run 20, walk 5. My run was slower on Saturday--14 min-mile. I didn't get to ice my shins afterward, just took ibuprofen. My left shin has had a sore spot low on the inside.

MONDAY: The gym was like an oven today, so I ran outside. It was perfect, nice and cool. (or warm compared to what is has been) I walked 10min, ran 22, and walked about 5 more. My running distance this time was 1.7mi, 2.2 overall. Again I didn't get ice on my shins, just cold fingers. :) There is a very sore spot about 1" - 1 1/2" long a little above my left ankle.

The next run is supposed to be 25min, and the one after that 30. I think I'll see about doing a crossramp workout Wed or a long brisk walk and spread these runs out a little more. Then I have to add in speedwork.

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