Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ok, let's see. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday I worked out with a group. We did lots of push-ups and sit-ups/crunches, kettlebells, and even pull-ups! (I needed a lot of help with those.) Then we did cardio for 15 or so minutes--I found an available cross-ramp machine and used that.

Wednesday--busy; Thursday--busy. Friday I did some running again, not quite a mile. I did a 1/2 mile in 5:42 (11.4min-mi) but I don't know how long I could've kept that up. I still need to go to the gym today. Since I got up to running more than 20 minutes in the walk-to-run plan, I'm going to go ahead and start adding in speedwork. I have a timed run next Friday and am behind on getting ready for it. My legs have been feeling better since last Saturday. Wednesday they didn't hurt at all. I still have to keep my stress level low, though, or they do start hurting again. At least stress headaches are fewer and farther between. :-%

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