Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday was bowling...

Friday afternoon, a bunch of us from work went bowling. I could feel the stress of even that in my left shin. I've been feeling very frustrated by all this pain and stiffness.

Saturday morning I went to the gym again. 15 minutes on the crossramp--I noticed that, not only is the foot pad hinged, but it also actually makes your toes go up some each cycle, like walking. On the elliptical you can lift your heels easily but would have to really focus at it to lift your toes. After that I walked 3.5 minutes and started running. Since I was still feeling stiff, I ran for almost 6 minutes before timing a mile. I ran a 12-min mile (woohoo!), but had a hard time keeping my breathing rhythm and was wiped out by the end of it :( . So I only ran about 18 minutes total. I walked for a few more minutes working out some stiffness and then stretched. When I got home, I GOT OUT THE ICE and iced my shins for a good 15 minutes. My legs felt much better and didn't start getting stiff and sore again until around 5 or 6pm. Ibuprofen is a good friend of mine. :)

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