Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gym Monday

I wasn't sure how to log this workout in mapmyrun b/c I did some gym stuff as well as some "running" stuff. ("Running" is in quotes b/c there was twice as much walking (distance) as running.) My right calf was a solid mass of soreness from Friday's rope jumping workout; I still limped as I walked. I'd hoped to find an elliptical to use, but the 2 people ahead of me as I went to that part of the gym got the last two ellipticals available. I found a rowing machine and did 10 minutes on that. I could feel my calf muscle getting warmed up and stretched out as I rowed, so after 10 minutes I moved to the track. I went 1 mile, walking 2 laps and jogging 1. It took me 16 minutes, mostly because of my own speed, but some also because of other slow pokes. :~)

I was originally planning on going to the gym again today, but the last two nights the baby woke up @ 1:30am, interrupting my sleep for at least an hour. These nights were coincidentally (?) the same nights I didn't get home till after he went to bed. I've been so tired I didn't get up early enough to use my ultrasound "Bone Healing System" before school.

OK, well it's getting late again. YAWN!

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