Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Running at the gym

Yesterday I went to the gym. It was really busy again what with the continued subfreezing temps.

Walked 1 mi <15min (darn watch won\'t store more than 1 lap + total time). Then I ran 2 laps, walked 1 for 2 miles: 1st mile >12 min; 2nd mile 12:15min
Really got that HR up (200)! Felt good, though my face was quite red by the time I got done--pushed a bit too hard.
Shin didn't hurt while running :~) though it's a bit achy today :~(
I used the ultrasound "bone healing system" on both legs this morning as the right shin was a little 'iffy' too (sympathy pain?)
Anyway, clearly I increased my running by more than 10%. It felt good...and I had been feeling really stressed out after a class. That makes it alright doesn't it? I know, I know, it doesn't. My legs are tired today, but at least they're not sore like last time.

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