Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday's W2R

I tried out a different elliptical: the Star Trac with the floating pedals. It felt quite different with shorter strides. It seemed like more of my weight went straight down, like running on toes more. It was also slower for me, though it felt as fast--probably because of the shorter stride.  I went barely 1.5 miles in 30 min. I did like that it gave more of a workout summary than the LifeFitness or whatever they are. I usually just get time, distance, and calories burned. The Star Trac also gave my avg HR, even though I wasn't wearing a HRM or holding the sensors the whole time. I would like to get a new HRM (lost mine at the gym last year). DH says he'll get me one for my birthday. I need to take a little notebook or something to write down the stats as I usually forget the details by the time I go to log my workouts. HRavg ~153, max ~172. speeds ~3-5mph Oh and my right foot didn't get that numb spot like it always does on the other elliptical, though my left foot started to get a numb spot. Not nearly as bad as the other, though.

M's back from her cruise, so Tri training will soon kick in to gear. Yay, I could use some variety and company!

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