Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oops! Forgot the title!

Well, I didn't get to sleep before midnight the other night, but I did make it to bed before midnight. Next night I actually went to bed before 11 (!) but then the baby woke me up way too early. (My husband says I shouldn't call him (the baby) a "baby" anymore since he's 2 now, but he's still a baby to me. :~P )  So last night I figured I may as well stay up late, since I don't get any more sleep by going to bed early. Today I'm really tired.

So anyway...I made it to the gym Tuesday. Boy was it hot upstairs! That's where the track and ellipticals and treadmills are. The ellipticalls were full, so I found a treadmill and did a 3min "run" (walk @ 4mph--felt faster than I expected) and a 1min walk (@ 3.4mph) x 5 plus 7min warm-up and 3min cool-down. Then I did some sit-ups and push-ups, etc.

Wed: rest day

Today was really nice outside: ~75degress (20 deg above average!) I probably should've done elliptical today, but I knew it would be swealtering in the gym, so I went walking outside. I did a 4:1 minute "run"-walk ratio. I did two miles, and it took 36min (no particular wu or cd). I know I wasn't walking 4mph on the "running" part, but there was a good headwind 1/2-way through each lap around the loop. This morning before class I did some weight exercises--arms/shoulders.

I have a fitness test coming up. I can't do the run, but I can walk, so my choices are (if it is my choice) to do a 3mi timed walk or a cycle ergometry test (stationary bike w/heart rate monitor). My heart rate runs high, and I've had trouble passing the "bike test" before, so I'm leaning toward 3mi walk, but I haven't done a fast 3mi walk yet either. And I don't yet know how fast I'd need to do it. If I could get by with just doing push-ups and sit-ups, I'd get a great score! :~D

Well, I can't seem to get rid of this headache right between my eyes, so I should probably get to bed. Good Night! Happy April!

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