Wednesday, April 28, 2010

not doing homework...

Monday I went to the gym again to use the elliptical. It was almost 9pm by the time I started. The gym was nearly empty, which I really liked. I had my pick of ellipticals. I went back to the LifeFitness ones; they seem to have a more running-like stride, at least for me. I did about 2.3 miles, 30 min: W5, R12, W3, R5, W5. Then I did some arm/shoulder weights etc.

Today I came home from school "early" b/c I was hungry (those McD Southwest chicken salads are good but don't last very long), so I didn't get to the gym. I was hoping to go walking but all of a sudden it was time to get the kids bathed and to bed. When you get home at 6:30, and bedtime's 8, well...
I did do some KBs this morning. I borrrowed from Diana's post yesterday and did swings for about 20 minutes till my computer did an auto restart and diskcheck on me. By then it was time to get ready for school anyway. I really need to get some chalk. I asked DH to look for some when I was out and about 1 day, but all he could find was resin and picked up a little resin bag. But now I know what to get. I'll have to add it to DH's wishlist on Amazon so he can buy it next time he orders something. :~)  ...or maybe I'll do it of these days.  I did do some walking this evening, very slow walking, with the 2yo and 5yo past the mailbox and back.

3x10 swings: 2 handed; 1 handed (ea); transfers; 1 handed. Started feeling pain at the top inside of my forearms, technique? or just muscle use?
Walk-to-Run-elliptical version--6 'sessions' left and 2 weeks more before I can start running again. allmmoossttt tthheerrreeeee.

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