Thursday, June 4, 2009

Building back up

Tuesday I wanted to do yoga in the evening, but this school's-nearly-out, big-brother-visiting, late-northern-sunset has gotten the kids wired and up late. So I stay up later. Or run out of time to do things like yoga before bed.

Wednesday I worked out with a new group. We did a running, push-ups, sit-ups (or crunches) circuit workout. Run some, do 10ea pu and su; run 2x distance, do 20ea pu and su, up to 4 then back down. I didn't get very far into the push-ups before having to drop to knees to do them, but the running went pretty well on my ankle. It wasn't till my 2nd 3x run that I had to start walking b/c my ankle started hurting. Indoor track, squishy asics, and I don't know what else--maybe the bike workouts---but I thought I ran a bit faster. Yeah my shins hurt a little, but it was probably stress. (On the up side, I hardly get stress headaches anymore.)

Working out with the usual group tomorrow morning (7AM!!!). If it's wallyball or something like that, I'll go jogging at lunch. Pretty soon I need to sign up for the AF Marathon 10K.

3 WEEKS TILL THE TRIATHLON!! (Gotta get swimming again!)

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