Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waiting for a phone call...

and tired and bored. Too tired to try to read anything for content, starting to get hungry again, and I really have nothing to post. I didn't work out yesterday or today. I was going to this evening, but my husband, who went offroading this weekend, was too exhausted to finish the drive home in time. I was thinking of doing Yourself!Fitness, but the kids stayed up past my bedtime :) and there's too much junk on the living room floor to do yoga. Guess I could be clearing that up while I wait for the phone call.

The insides of my shins are still sore from Wednesday's sprints, and I've been wearing my Crocs all day which doesn't help. They're quick and easy shoes, handy, and in a style that's even kinda cute, but they're very floppy and loose and not supportive at all. I need new sandals; I tossed mine after last summer. They were wearing out on the inside of the heel, and the baby yacked on them a couple of times--sour milk with sweaty feet, too gross for me, so I tossed 'em. But I haven't replaced them yet. Guess I'll get working on that living room floor.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. And don't forget to call your dad tomorrow! :D

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