Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An old familiar pain

Yesterday morning when I got out of bed I felt that same old pain at the inside of my shin, a couple of inches above my ankle. I didn't feel it during my run the day before or later that afternoon/evening. Not till yesterday morning, faced with my last final exam (of the quarter) and lots of stress. I took some ibuprofen and hoped it would go away after the test. It did subside a lot, but it still aches to day.   :~( I'll walk, rest, and do other cross-training over the next several days and see how that goes.

Speaking of cross-training. I finally have a kettlebel. :~)  It's the Christmas gift I picked out with the money my in-laws sent. Actually my husband picked it out after I told him I wanted a 20lb kettlebell, and he did the rest. It has a skinnier handle than I'm "used to" (see the pink one; it's been months since I last lifted a kettlebell) and smaller (but ~a couple of pounds heavier) and flat on 2 sides. But since the handle is as high as it is, the bell will sit well below my wrist when I clean, so the flat side won't bother me much, and shouldn't bother me at all once I wrap my wrists with an Ace bandage.

Well, I was trying to upload some pics, but the upload keeps failing. In the image above (from Walmart), it doesn't look flat around the 20 like mine is.


  1. Hi Rose! I hope you and your family have been well and enjoy the holidays!

    I have never tried Kettlebells. JR said Marty is great with them and it is a fantastic work out!

    No worries about Jeremy's Promotion. JR had PT right after so we just went for the cermony. It was the first time I went to AFIT. It is really nice!

    Take care and Merry Christmas!
    I will add your blog to my list!

  2. Recovering from an injury is the pits! I injured my knees a few years ago and didn't run for months. But all the cross training I did made me a better, faster runner when I started up again. You can do it!