Monday, December 14, 2009

Stress-reducing run on 12/10/2009

Such a stressful week! Such a stressful day! I'd finished up my programming final the day before and was studying for my math final. I was about to go to the gym when I was reminded that I had church that night. I had to go b/c I was taking some of the food. So I went for the dinner and song practice, but the "baby" wouldn't go in the nursery, and during practice, started getting troublesome and rude (yelling for me to hush--why doesn't he like to hear me sing?). So I packed him up and we went home.

The temps had been in the teens all day with wind chills to the single digits. When I got home, the wind was negligible (relatively at least), so I decided to go for a run. My forehead below the ski mask got cold going into the breeze, and my legs from my hips to mid-knees were cold but everything else stayed (got) warm. I'm not really sure how many laps I did. I forgot to count. Either 4 for an 11.5min mile (iffy) or 3 for a 15.5 min mile (wow! big difference! but that sounds more reasonable since I was walking 2 minutes out of 3.) Yeah, I'd say 3 laps (after the 2-lap warmup not counted here).

I felt much better and energized...and forgot what day it was and thought I had another day before my final. Had a bit of a freak out when I remembered what day it really was and how late I'd stayed up.

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