Monday, December 21, 2009

Dr and ramblings

It took me a long time to fall asleep last night, and then I had to get up early this morning for a follow-up with the orthopedist. That took all of a minute, so I went to the gym, one closer to the clinic.

I used a new LifeFitness elliptical. Pretty cool; it had a virtual trainer even. I selected an interval heart rate workout. There was no warm-up. It immediately ramped up the resistance to get my HR up to target (155). But it took so long to register my HR that I passed my target and couldn't get it back down even when the resistance lightened. I'd gone up to 165. After 3 minutes I was supposed to let it drop to 125, ha! Fat chance of that happening, so I changed to workout to just a cardio one. Not until cool-down was I able to change the resistance. Once I dropped it from 1 to 0 (!) I was finally able to get my HR down below 150.

At one point I noticed that the 4th toe on my left foot had started to get kind of tingly. Then I realized that the neuroma started a lot longer ago than I had thought, b/c I've felt that tingly/numbness starting at least a year ago. I just thought that something about the way I was standing &/or the shoes I was wearing made that part of my foot go to sleep.

And the results of my dr visit? Don't run, again, and I'm to get a bone stimulator. The dr submitted the paperwork today, and someone is supposed to call me and set up a meeting. I'm tired of this pain. I know that stress caused it to flare up again, and I don't mean running stress, rather life stress. I don't want it breaking my bones! I've been thinking about looking for a PC version of Yourself!Fitness to use on my laptop. We rearranged the bedrooms, so now I have one as an office/study/exercise space. Or maybe there's a way to hook up the PS2 to my laptop? And then I'd have to go back to figuring out what my son did with my disk when he took it out to play one of his games. He never puts the disks away!


  1. Get Wii Fit!

    I haven't been paying attention ... do you own an elliptical machine? I bought a Sole E95 elliptical machine at Dick's Sporting Goods. It was fairly expensive, I thought, around $1700, but it's really nice and heavy duty. It's about the best home machine I could find, but fitness centers often have better, but they might pay 2-3 times more than I did. I have 520 miles and 225 hours on mine. I use it with Wii Fit instead of just running in place ... easily on my bones and I can change the incline and resistance.

    Ahhh ... the joy of children not putting stuff away. I can relate.


  2. no, I don't own one, I use them at the gym. No machines at home -- except for the CrossBow machine buried in the garage. We really need to finish unpacking!

  3. The rest breaks can be tedious but it usually gives me a chance to get my stepper, workout mat or weights together, in front of the computer, before the next exercise. I like all the music so far and don't care where Maya works out since I'll still be at home doing the same exact exercises anyway. I don't know if I will stop going to the gym altogether, but there is a possibility. Males, if they wanted to be muscular yet lean, could use Yourself Fitness to their benefit if they used heavy enough weights.