Sunday, December 6, 2009

PSF Run #3

After being inspired by Shut Up and Run's comments about what she wears running in Colorado in the winter, I actually didn't overdress for Saturday's run. The only part of me that stayed cold past my warm-up was my face. My "run" was actually 2/3 walking and my legs got a little chilly during the walking parts, particularly when going into the breeze. It was maybe 30deg outside (14deg below average!). If it hadn't been sunny at all, I wouldn't have gone out to run and would've done something indoors instead. I'm glad it was sunny! This was only my 3rd run in the last 2 weeks! I've had tests and homework and now finals. 8-| Anyone good at Fortan? (No, I'm not kidding; Fortran)

Well, my husband says I'm keeping him awake, and it's rare to have him sleeping so "early" so that's it for now!

run 1 min, walk 2 min. A little twinge in the shin last part of lap 5 so ended with that lap. Cold day, good run. - Easy Run / Jog: PSF Run #3 on 12/05/2009

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  1. Before he retired, my father was an expert at FORTRAN & COBOL. He taught computer science just down the road from you ... at UC. Formula Translating never floated my boat!