Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another mile run, new socks

Wow, great run! Was huffing and puffing at the end (2-step breathing) but was still able to pick up the pace a bit. 12:45min mile. 2 minute improvement in two days! Better sleep, better fuel. Happy run. :)

Bought new socks today at Dick's Sporting Goods. Decided to try out the UnderArmour "heat" socks. I wanted thin ones to wear with my Mizunos since they're narrower in the toes, and all the others I saw were thicker. I wore them with my Asics on today's run. There was more slipping of my shoes as I ran, but the socks feel good even though the toe seams aren't flat. (We'll see how that goes; I turn a lot of socks inside out these days.) - Regular Run: mile run on 08/26/2009

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