Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recovery workout

By the end of last night's post I was feeling sick. I'd only had ~4oz of lemonade after the run, then did some weights. I took a muscle relaxer b/c I could feel my back tightening up and went straight to bed--burping the potatoes I'd had at dinner. No more running after eating potatoes.

Between the sleepiness of the muscle relaxer and the congestion I was feeling (plus the lack of sleep from earlier in the week) I slept pretty late this morning. I called K (kinda late) to see if she was going to go walking with me, but there was no answer. So I went ahead on out, running late, didn't see her, and did my own workout.

I started just walking for almost 15 minutes then alternated jogging and walking for a total of 43 minutes. My HR was probably on the high side for recovery (150-180) but the jogs were short.

I got some food as soon as I got back to the house, PB&J, 2 glasses of lemonade (still no milk), banana, Cheez-its (best crackers ever :P ) Time to put the baby down for a nap! - Training Log for alystra2

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