Saturday, August 15, 2009

Walking w/K - Regular Walk: Regular Walk on 08/15/2009

K and I walked for about 1/2 an hour this morning starting at 11. (It was hot out by then!) We talked about her new job, about getting up earlier than one's used to, etc. I'm hoping she'll eventually be willing to meet earlier for walking. :) After a 1/2 hour I dropped her off at her car and then walked another 40 minutes or so, picking up the pace a bit. Gotta do more cardio: walking faster, biking, elliptical, whatever, anything.

The Dr was willing to refill my muscle relaxer Rx but wants to see me again before making a physical therapy referral. :( I don't know what my schedule will be next week, so how do I make an appt? I just want to recover while safely restrengthening my core so I don't get hurt again. frustrating.

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