Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just read an awesome post about talking to young girls (7-11yrs) about body image. It's Outlines at the Runner's World Mile Markers blog.

I'm only mildly sore from yesterday's swim; yay! the lower left part of my back (the strained part), my right side, and left shoulder, mostly noticed upon getting dressed this morning. Now if only I could find a hairbrush or comb--these kids! ;~)

I promised the dog I'd take her for a walk yesterday, but I forgot. So I promised her again for today. I was going to take her out this morning, but it was pouring rain. It's finally clearing up, so I should be able to take her during the baby's nap. DH should be able to handle that. :P I can throw in a bit of running too.

Last night I was exploring MapMyRun more and looking at the challenges and goals section. I set up two goals: 40 miles in 30 days and 7 1/2 hrs sleep/night for 15 days. I'm already behind on the 2nd one. I have a hard time breaking away from whatever I'm doing to go to bed, even when I'm really sleepy, just don't want to move. [Guess I understand my husband's sleeping in the LR more than I realized; that's his excuse too.] Then the bathroom light wakes me up as I brush my teeth. Used to use the dimmer shower/fan light sometimes, but it burned out. Gotta plan better, especially as I'm going back to school now and will have to establish my own schedule.

MapMyRun can upload Polar files, but I can't figure out how to get the files in the first place. Of course, mine are pretty empty having just my time since I lost the HR strap a few months ago. Really I just want to get a whole new HRM, the F11. But a strap for the F6 would be less expensive overall, if I can find just a strap.

Oh, and in case you missed it, running is GOOD for your knees! OK, small sample group, but over 10 years!

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