Friday, August 21, 2009

Took DeeDee for another run

I set a goal a couple of days ago to do 40 miles in 30 days. That may have been a bit much for me at this time, but elliptical workouts and such are supposed to count too.

So tonight I finally got my running shoes on, found the leash, and took the dog out again. She was really excited to go out. I did a fast first lap (when the dog wasn't stopping to smell stuff), then walked and jogged the next two laps. I kept DeeDee with me the whole time. The last lap we saw a rabbit or two--she really wanted to chase them!--and a skunk. She didn't try to take after the skunk like the rabbits, but she was definitely curious.

Ugh, need food. We're out of milk, so I didn't get my chocolate milk like I usually do. Plus I'm pretty tired. About to go to bed. - Regular Run: Took DeeDee for a run on 08/21/2009

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