Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swimming Alone

M and I were supposed to meet at the pool to swim, but she didn't show up. Turns out she got caught up at work. I was the only person swimming and, after ~5minutes, the only person at the pool at all (except the life guards)! That was so weird, being their sole entertainment. (OK, so they're fully capable of entertaining themselves when there's hardly anyone there, but still.)

5x100m slow crawl, side stroke, crawl, kicks, crawl

On the crawls, I was trying to remember the tips I got from active.com's videos about quick strokes and pivoting around the "pulling" hand as opposed to pulling through the water. My arms were tired from not swimming since the tri, but they weren't as tired as they would've been swimming my usual way.

MapMyRun.com - Laps / Swimming Pool: swim at the Prairies pool on 08/18/2009

Oh, and since letting the Dr's office know my availability this week for a follow up appt, I haven't heard back. My back's feeling fine now, so I won't push it.

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