Monday, August 31, 2009

The FULL big hill run

So, usually M and I cut off a fairly large loop when we run "the hill" so that we finish around the same time as the guys. Today I ran by myself and decided to do the whole route. At the gym it's labled a 2.5 mile route but the numbers are X'd. It's actually more like 3.4 miles. Needless to say, I took lots of walk breaks.

It was a harder run than I should have done, esp considering the intramural walk/run is tomorrow. It's a 5K run or 1.6mi walk; I'm seriously thinking of walking after today's run. I had some shin achiness around mile 1 even after a 10min warm-up.

I was really hungry at lunch time! :) I'm even still sore from Saturday's run (didn't expect that)--or was it Friday's? I think I might have been sore on Sat. Anyway, I'll be sore again tomorrow after that hill. - Regular Run: Regular Run on 08/31/2009


  1. Wow! That loop is REALLY close to Wright-Pat ... I loved going there as a kid! The AF 10K has a home field advantage for you! That loop looks HUGE on Google Maps!

    I'm drifting along aimlessly, trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm strongly considering running in the "Run For Your Life 10K" in Portsmouth, OH on Saturday ... it's only a few miles from my parents' home. I'll see if I can go 10K in the fracture shoe!

    - Greg

  2. Actually it IS on Wright-Pat and that is the uphill for the 10K. Despite the advantage, some people planning on doing the 10K have not been running that hill. A friend of mine ran it last week for the 1st time--talk about a wake-up call!

    10K in a fracture shoe? I've never worn one, so I can't really comment. Just take care of that foot even though it can get really hard to be patient and not run too soon on it. :)