Friday, September 4, 2009

probably shouldn't have done the long route on Monday...

This is Tusday's intramural run, another 3+miler, though not as long as Mondays--this one was right around 5K. Today is Friday, and my left shin still hurts from Mon and Tues. My "run" time was 40:21 for 3.51mi (12:48 pace per MapMy run). There was an older woman, a grandma I've met, who was ahead of me and slowly pulling away the whole time. I think we were the last two runners during the 1st lap, but she past at least 2 other people on the 2nd lap. She had a good steady pace and was able to maintain it.

It was a very pretty day, sunny and cool. - Regular Run: Regular Run on 09/01/2009

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