Saturday, September 19, 2009

USAF Marathon: 10K race on 09/19/2009

Oh it was hard to get up this morning! 5am! I realized that, at least sometimes, I relax and sleep more after hitting snooze. Not sure why. So I got up 20 minutes later than I planned to, had a couple of hard boiled eggs and a piece of toast and got ready. I remembered at the last minute that the shorts I'd planned on wearing didn't have any pockets (gotta have my Chapstick), so I had to find another pair. I was so tired, congested and had such a bad headache most of yesterday that I didn't really get my stuff ready before going to bed. At least I made sure I knew where my packet was! I'd put it with my shoes but then forgotten; I was almost at the panic point when I finally remembered.

I drove over to the race (nice to have it local), parked, and caught a shuttle over to the Air Force Museum (or more specifically the National Museum of the United States Air Force) and just followed everyone else out to an old flightline. Hung around, tried to stay warm (temp was in the low 50s); I was glad I'd worn bike shorts under my running shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Eventually I found 2 friends from work, so I had someone to talk to until start time. :)

Finally the race started. I mostly walked the first 10 minutes warming up. The first two miles took 15-16 min each (the big uphill started in the 1st mile and went at least 1/2 the 2nd--or felt like it). My hands were freezing for probably 3 miles! I wished my sleeves were long enough to pull down over them. :) I was in the back the whole way but wasn't dead last, which was very nice. :P

After the first 10 minutes or so I did 2 minutes run, 1 minute walk (approximately) for most of the rest of the race. There were a couple of downhills where I extended the run time as well as at the end. My overall time was 1:24:29, which is 5 1/2 minutes better than my goal and 8 1/2 minutes faster than expected based on my last few run times. :) woohoo! I place 90th of 119 in my age group. 3 years ago I never thought I'd do a 5K, much less a 10K! Then one day I realized I'd done 5K--it was doable! I would definitely do another 10K.

+brick and mortar bathroom near starting area
-no lights in it (there were lights installed but I guess they were on a timer, there weren't any switches. No windows either, so it was really dark)

-The front set of speakers didn't seem to be working. We were between them and the 2nd set and couldn't hear what was going on.

+It wasn't as crowded as I expected. They started the marathon and 10k at the same time, and it didn't feel crowded at all. I would have started farther back if not for my friends, so I was passed a lot at the beginning. Possibly those who started farther back but were faster would disagree with me on this point. At least the road was really wide that first mile.

+Post-race: lots of water of course, Nesquick, bananas, orange quarters, granola bars, La Rosa's pizza being made on site. I think there was more, but I can't remember. I grabbed water, chocolate milk and two Quaker chewy chocolate chip granola bars. I didn't feel like my stomach could handle a banana, much less pizza!

+Right after crossing the finish line, runners were directed to a race appropriate 'chute' to receive their medals. (Behind that were the towel passer-outers and the food tent.)

I saw one other person I recognized before the race and 1 friend starting the 1/2 marathon run as I was around mile 4 1/4--we passed ahead of the starting point there, and the 1/2 marathon started 1 hour after we did, so those of us bringing up the rear saw them head out.

My left knee didn't like going down hill, especially on the curve; my right knee didn't like the flat at the end. I was able to pick it up only a little bit at the end, my legs were tired! :) My shins are hurting now (of course, but it's ok), and I'm very sleepy--but my husband is about to make a Sonic run, so I'll wait a bit before going to bed. ;)

As I was leaving the race site, I passed a poster sitting out: Running for Roz, in memory of 1Lt Roslyn Schutte who was killed in action in Afghanistan, and I almost cried. Not long after I got that under control, the race announcer mentioned that the 1st airplane that the runners passed as they came in to the finish was the Hanoi Taxi, and I teared up again! Is it normal to feel extra emotional after a race? I mean, those sorts of things get to me as it is, but today was more. - Race: USAF Marathon 10K race on 09/19/2009

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  1. Awesome! You beat my first 10K time by about 5 minutes!

    LaRosa's Pizza! Ahhhh ... that brings back wonderful high school memories! I love their sauce!

    So what's next???

    You should do the Thanksgiving Day 10K in Cincinnati! It's the 100th running of the event this year. I ran in the 70th running thirty years ago. I signed up for this one months ago. Thankfully, I should be healthy by then!

    - Greg

  2. Another 10K so soon? ;) I'll think about it. The base usually sponsors a 5K around Thanksgiving too. I was thinking about that.

    I beat your first 10K time, huh? Nice to know. :D

  3. Well, a 5K at Wright-Pat would be nice and local, but the Cincinnati race is packed with history. Only the Boston Marathon had been going longer, at least in the U.S.!

    - Greg

  4. Well...WP is planning a 5K/10K Turkey Trot, and my son in interested in doing the 5K with me (he asked about a 1K, lol) ever since I told him an 8yo girl did the 10K last weekend.

    I thinks getting our butts up and over to that before 8am will be challenge enough. :)