Monday, September 21, 2009

Cardio - Elliptical: Precor Lifecycle

Ahh, nice to be on the Precor again; it really does have more range of motion for the ankles. The heart rate reading was a little goofy--slowly decreased when I took my hands off the electrodes and took so long to get up to the HR that at first I thought it was broken. Really need to find that other HR strap. I thought about doing a little bit of jogging after the 30min on the elliptical, but my legs were rather stiff, so I went and stretched. I also did pushups (15, 12), situps (25, 20), bridge (3x20ct), and planks (front: 3x20, sides: 3x10 each) (just counting to 10 or whatever, not seconds) - Cardio - Elliptical: Precor Lifecycle on 09/21/2009

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