Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Easy Run/Jog

Did a gentle, easy 2mi run/walk (+ warm-up) this morning. 30 - 35 min. I'd jog until my shins started hurting, then I'd walk a bit, then jog again, etc. I focused on relaxing and affirming liking running to mitigate stress-related shin pain.

I saw two hawks! :) I think one was older than the other, and it wasn't around as much. The other one sat on the fence and watched me run by. Pretty cool.

My Polar watch flipped out again right as I was starting the timing. Not cool. So I took my husband's watch so as not to go too long and be late for class. Later, I discovered the watch emitting a very annoying tone. This was the severalth ;-) time the watch has flipped out (battery?) and the display is messed up too, so my husband threw it out (after silencing it, during which operation he lost track of how all the pieces went back together). Maybe for my birthday next year I can get a new one. - Easy Run / Jog: Easy run on 09/30/2009

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