Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Longer run (but not LONG) and it hurt!

Man, back to the shin splints and the 15-min miles. :( I even warmed up for 15 minutes. Of course, I'm still sore from Monday's sprints. Heck, my right forearm is still sore from Saturday when my husband and I went shooting, and I threw clays for him!

I didn't get to run as early as I'd hoped (out by 5:30ish). I ended up fixing dinner first and then leaving it for everyone else to eat while I ran. It sure was tasty after I was done though! Orange salmon, rice, tomato, bread and butter (w/honey), chocolate milk. I was almost stuffed, and now I feel hungry again!

I did the 1/3-mi loop 9 times: run 2 walk 1, run 2 walk 2, run 2. Counterclockwise this time which *could* have something to do with slower times--short downhill and long uphill (ok, so really it's nearly flat).

The bottom of my right heel started hurting toward the end, also during my cool-down. I tried just really rolling my foot heel to toe as I stepped; apparently that worked. But oh the insides of my shins. :( I iced them as I ate dinner but not very well really.

10K in 1 1/2 weeks. - Regular Run: Longer run (but not LONG) on 09/09/2009

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