Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swimming - Laps / Swimming Pool: Swimming on 05/12/2010
WU: 1x50 back stroke, 2x50 crawl;
WO: 3x100 crawl (2 earlier, 1 after the sidestroke lap), 1x50 back, 1x50 side, 2?x50 kicks.
I actually passed the guy sharing a lane with me, but he had a lot more endurance, plodding along.
I was working on my form, trying to glide, not taking the next stroke until my hand was in front with the other.
I have trouble with my breathing; it just doesn't feel quite right. And I can't swim "slow" because of it.

I've gotta get my endurance up for that open water swim--no pool sides to push off of every 25-50m.
M was supposed to meet me there. At first I thought she was already in the pool because I was running late, but it turns out she got caught up at work. We came up with some ideas of how to get her out of the office in time to swim.

Notice I didn't put any units for the length of the laps. That's 'cause I'm not sure if it's yards or meters. I think the indoor pool (today) might be 25m long (but I"m counting it as yards), the small outdoor pool 25y long (for the lap lanes, I seem to recall that it felt shorter last year than the indoor pool), and the big outdoor pool 50m long.

Also, I found out about a little bitty Tri in the area in July. Currently there are only 9 participants, 2 in my age group. If that holds, I'd actually place! :P

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