Monday, May 3, 2010

I was about to go to the gym when...

...I was reminded about company coming over for dinner. So I went home with the intention of only staying for dinner, then going to the gym and then studying for tomorrow's test. Company came and went well over two hours ago, and I 'm still at home. I put the net up on the trampoline so the kids could jump. I found an ice-cream recipe for our newly repaired ice-cream maker. It kept getting later and later. I went for a walk and took the trash to the curb.

Finally I came upstairs to study but felt so sleeeeeepy. So I exercised. And I just realized I forgot to refill the cat's litterbox. BRB.         OK. So exercise: I adapted a couple of Diana's workout again, doing snatches (just the first ladder) and swings (4 sets this time, one weight). (I've really got to file down the inside of my kettlebell handle; it's got a lip that is tearing up my hands.)  I followed that up with 2 sets of Crossfit sit-ups and 4 sets of 4-way standing leg lifts. The KB part took 16:13min; I didn't time the rest.

Now that I'm awake, I should study. :~|

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