Monday, May 10, 2010

Short, quick workout

DH and I were going to go to the gym this morning--new routine--but since I still had homework due today we postponed it so I could get to school and work on it. Ha ha. I got there in time to remember about the blood drive. I got the paperwork started but then had to go to class. I went back and finished the donation after class. THEN I finally got those last 3 HW problems done--or close enough. Prof gives us credit for at least "attacking" all of them, then picks random ones to grade. A classmate and I had a question about the last problem, so we went to see him. Even looking at his solutions, HE couldn't remember how he did the problem, so he said he'd give us credit for what we got and not pick that problem to grade. ! :~) 

Oh but anyway, the workout. I pulled up the Prevention Workout for Weight Loss again (the one linked to the "work out like a guy" article) and did the arms/shoulders/chest/triceps workout. Took, I don't know, 10, 15 minutes? Maybe?

For Mother's Day, but not necessarily on Mother's Day, I got a gift certificate for a massage (still have to schedule it) from DH, pretty pink flowers from my Princess (she painted the pot), and ... well Spiderboy said he was making something at school, but I don't remember getting it. Princess also brought me lunch in bed yesterday after church. I was eating pizza in the kitchen, and she told me to go to my bed for my surprise. I said, "OK, just let me finish eating." She said, "OK."  10 minutes later she was brining me more pizza! LOL. Too sweet and cute! The baby gives me lots of kisses...anytime I want.

OK, gotta go to bed now. DH has a dental appt in the morning, getting a crown put on. I'm most likely going to have to ask the neighbor to watch the kids toward the end of his appt, so I can get to class. I meant to do it today and forgot. Bummer. (It's just the sort of thing I hate doing--bugging someone.)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful mothers day!! Crown appts can be longer. I miss making the temp crowns :O) (I was a dental assistant in Maine). Have a great week!! Good luck finishing up the semester!! Hopefully summer break is soon!!

  2. Thanks K! Turns out his appt was for a temp and a more specific mold?